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Greta D’Angelo

Greta D’Angelo is an industrial designer converted to the discipline of manufacturing engineering with a passion for bleeding edge technologies and innovation. Today she is a partner at TwentySeven where she is in charge of the technical office and of the communication. She was awarded her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from DTU in 2016 with a focus on Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing and tooling. This makes her one of the leading experts in the Nordic countries on this subject. Before that, she obtained a BSc in Industrial design from Politecnico di Torino (Italy) and an MSc in product design from DTU.

Greta had a close collaboration with MIT in 2014 where she developed a food printer compatible with different edible food materials. Among other collaborations she had are those with ETH Zürich, fashion designer Laura Locher and a group of mad scientists called CosmoCrops. Additionally, her work as an industrial designer has been published in two books and her academic research can be found in several journals and conference proceedings.

Her expertise in 3D printing covers a wide range of topics, such as design for AM (DFAM), AM process and material selection, automation and integration of AM processes and integration, AM part verification and validation, and safety management in AM. In addition to this, she has a deep understanding of the whole product development process, from idea generation and conceptualization to final production.

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