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Patric Thysell

Automation Architect
B&R Automation

Patric Thysell

The Programmer

I started programming qbasic programs when I was about 14, after that I spent quite some time learning Java and C++ programming, where I made games in my spare time after school. I’ve spent a lot of time developing DHTML pages using Javascript and Perl and PHP. In my professional career I’ve worked with C, and after over 11 years of daily usage, the beauty of the language has come to shine for me. I’ve done a lot of VBA scripting for Excel and VBScripting and after accepting the worst parts of the language I’m quite happy to use it (at least its a fast way to result) As the B&R runtime system has full support for C++, diving into the world of patterns and concepts of C++ will be my next step.

The Human

I like working with people as much as with machines J, and I enjoy bringing motivation into a team of engineers. The last 10 years as application manager at B&R Sweden really gave me a lot, both as a mentor and leader – and as a human.

The Engineer

The most fascinating part of my job at B&R has been to experience automation-in-action when visiting customers and system integrators. The level, at which manual routines and checkpoints can replaced with automated systems, makes it visible how much we can actually expect from machines. The technology within these automated systems is increasing with the imagination alone, and it is here that B&R can open up new possibilities with cutting-edge technology and innovative products.

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