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Oliver Winzenried - CEO - Wibu-Systems

Oliver Winzenried

Security Working Group - IIC

Oliver Winzenried

With a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University in Karlsruhe, Oliver began his entrepreneurial career immediately after completing his studies, and focused on electronic and ASIC design, hardware, microcontroller and embedded application development for consumer electronics, automotive and industrial engineering.

With Marcellus Buchheit at his side, he then founded Wibu-Systems in 1989, and remains the company’s CEO. His passion for software protection has resulted in numerous patents covering areas from secure license management and anti-tampering solutions to dongle feature innovations.

He is also serving as Head of the Board of the Product and Know-how Protection “Protect-ing” working group of VDMA, member of the board of directors of the Medical Technology working group of VDMA, member of the board of directors of bitkom, and member of the managing board of the Foerderverein of the Research Center (FZI) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

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