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Karin Eklund - Responsible for User Experience - Semcon Sweden

Karin Eklund

Responsible for User Experience
Semcon Sweden

Karin Eklund

I am passionate about creating better products! Products that delights the user and that creates a business value for our clients. I am convinced that focus on design that is based on user and market insights helps our clients to have an external focus that will make them prosper. Design with a big heart is my motto!

I am manager for the User Experience team at Semcon. The User Experoence team consits of three groups; Research and Innovation, Interaction Design and Human Factors.

My previous work was as User Experience Manager at Ascom Wireless Solutions. In the position as User Experience Manager I worked with strategy and vision, innovation management, concept development, and best pratices and processes for Usability Engineering process required by MDD (Medical Device Directive).

Before I started working for Ascom I worked as a consultant for 12 years in the Usability/UX area. I worked as interaction designer and business analyst in several large projects for customers like Volvo Car Corporation, Ericsson and General Electrics.

Between 2001-2008 I was leader of the Usability competence team at Mandator (nowdays Fujitsu Services), a team of 5-9 consultants.

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