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John Kowal

John Kowal

Board Member
Organization for Machine Automation & Control (OMAC)

John Kowal

I have a passion for automation technology and standards, in particular driving the ‘abilities.’ Interoperability, scalability, reusability, portability, compatibility and the like.

Smart Industry presents an unprecedented opportunity to achieve the connectivity many of us have spent decades fighting for — because now there is a business imperative to flatten the hierarchy from machine to management.


My goal across standards and industry organizations is to ‘connect the dots.’ Different groups have pieces of the solution. Only if we meet each other and we learn who has what can we put the whole thing together. That’s why I’m pleased to be part of this conference.

Board Member – Organization for Machine Automation & Control (OMAC)

Co-Chair – Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) Smart Factory Task Group

Summit 2018

Join Us in Copenhagen June 7-8, 2018

Hosting Partners 2018

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