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Jan Ackalin

Head of Automation Development & Connectivity Competence Centre
Alfa Laval

Jan Ackalin

Management | Digital innovation | Intrapreneur | IoT | lean start-up

Global lead in IoT / Connectivity/ transformation through lean Start-Up. I believe in, strive for and exercise intrapreneurship as a natural way oof keeping large organisations in pace with change. Its good, fun, rewarding and creates results.

Head of Automation Development

Responsible for the global team working with standardized automation, a global team working out of 5 countries. Managing the Connectivity competence centre and developing the technical connectivity platform for Alfa Laval. Responsible for developing the Automation business within Alfa Laval.

-> Applying the ‘digital clock-speed’ in a traditional corporate. Heading a high profile/over aching initiative. Creating benefitial relations with relevant start-ups / communities.

Summit 2018

Join Us in Copenhagen June 7-8, 2018

Hosting Partners 2018

B&R Industrial Automation

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