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Heinz Gassner

VP Automation and Digital Innovation
Sidel Group (Member of Tetra Laval Group)

Heinz Gassner

In today’s words I would describe myself as “Smart Industry” or “Industry 4.0” promoter. Behind this is my strong believe that future business will happen on rather volatile markets, requiring a very agile mind-set.

My education and business experience is inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural. I have solid education and experience in economics, management, international business, business-law, agreement negotiations, key-account management, selling of complex industrial goods, marketing and establishing business from the scratch. This is complemented by technical expertise in the field of mechatronics, electronics, automation, metering-technology and IT.

My professional development provided me with close insight into product development and into many different industrial manufacturing processes. I have good general business experience in Europe, especially in in Northern Europe/Scandinavia and the German speaking area as well as some experience with business in India, China and US.

Until now, my career was always requiring rather extensive traveling and geographic flexibility – a challenge that I was mastering very well together with my open-minded and flexible family.

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