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Federico Fioretto

Leadership, Strategic Sustainability & Conflict Transformation Trainer & Consultant
Federico Fioretto

Federico Fioretto

I believe in the huge potential of the human being and in the opportunities represented by its expression within the organizations’ life, which is too often hindered. I know that every person has the capacity to manifest excellence, if adequately led, trained and motivated.

That’s why I work to inspire a new generation of leaders who know how to foster the unleashing of this enormous energy for the benefit of their organizations and of society at large.

I have more than thirty years international experience as entrepreneur and manager in various sectors, then as trainer, consultant and coach in the fields of leadership, strategic sustainability and conflict transformation.

In recent years I have designed and directed trainings about communication and relationships in international healthcare structures, where the human side is even more important, albeit difficult to value, adding again to my experience.

In 2015 I have been one of the two European professionals selected by the US Obama Presidency YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) program to train a new generation of leaders for the future of Africa.

If you are a leader who wants to develop his/her organization, adding value to society as a whole, fostering the development of your people, stimulating creativity and innovation aimed at sustainability, I will be by your side with enthusiasm and dedication to help you in this mission.

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