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Erick Thürmer director of Thürmer Tools and grandson of the company founder, who invented and patented the thread in 1898th

Erick has a very comprehensive knowledge with his theoretical background from Herlufsholm boarding school, CBS, Singularity University and as a trained farmer and Royal Guard Hussar.

Erick sees himself as a lawyer for exponential leadership and digital production, and have a desire about, both to embrace the new opportunities, and to spread the knowledge of the 3D printing, 4D printing and AI in Denmark and in the rest of Scandinavia.

Erick has founded the Twentyseven, which has patented the 3D printed cooling channels in the cutting tools. The patent is of Danish Technological Institute rated to 200 million DKK. Erick will disrupt the tool industry, and is working to become “Spotify for Tools”.

However, this kind of change does not come by itself. Along the way, Erick had to replace the entire board of directors and dismiss 25% of the initial employees to achieve a Pippi Longstocking effect, where everyone says “I’ve never tried before, I think well I can…”

The Technology is developing at high speed, and it creates a foundation for change in the exponential world. We will be impacted at all levels, but it is very important to understand the impact on the individual, and how we as both business leaders and fellow humans, giving ourselves to the major changes facing the world over the next 10-15 years.

Erick has since 2008 spent much of his time studying exponential technologies and their influence on the future. And not least the great economic crisis created of breeding ground for new ways of thinking.

Based on his daily role as CEO and various boards, locally and internationally, in start-ups and own businesses, and with 20 years of experience in business management, production operations supply chain, adapts Erick any lectures for the audiences world. He has a unique feel for the mood in the hall and make sure to mesmerize and keep the audience from start to finish. Besides lectures, facilitates Erick workshops, where visions of the future are built into the practical strategy work.

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