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The Secomea solution is amongst the leaders of its kind in the industry.

Imagine providing secure remote services to your customers as if you were on site. Save time, travel costs and provide instant services simultaneously. All it requires is a high tech IT communication solution – We provide that!

Our professional insight into and experiences with the automation and machine industry have made us the technology leading provider of secure remote access solutions endorsed by major PLC manufactures world-wide.

We are your dedicated partner within first class secure remote access solutions. We meet our obligations and know and understand the challenges of your industry.
Our 3. generation technology enables our solutions to be:

  • Used by non IT people.
  • Installed by non IT people.
  • Managed by non IT people.

Hence our company name – Secomea – which is an abbreviation of Secure Communication made Easy. Contact us and let us show you how.


Smedeholm 12-14
DK-2730 Herlev
Phone: +45 88 70 86 50


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