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Guiding Leaders and Organizations Through Digital Transformation.

Who We Are

We are on a mission to help guide leaders through the Digital Transformation. As technology plays an increasingly important role in day-to-day business operations, it is more difficult and yet even more critical for leaders to learn how to harness the power of digital tools to gain competitive advantage. Organizations now are evaluated on their ability to use technology to provide greater service to their constituents while increasing internal efficiency. Maximizing both efficiency and reach provides organizations with amplified profits, greater stability, a stronger workforce, and the ability to more effectively serve its mission.

What We Do

We assist leaders and organizations in a number of distinct ways including through assessment, education, consulting, and engineering.

Assessment: Through our comprehensive Digital Maturity Assessment, we help organizations identify their level of digital maturity. Digital maturity is how effectively organizations are integrating technology into their processes to gain or maintain a competitive advantage. We offer leaders a scorecard defining where they stand in specific areas critical to gaining maturity. Our assessment is broken up into nine different dimensions. An in-depth look at our Digital Maturity Assessment is available here.

Education: It is our belief that continuing education is an essential foundation for leadership. In this aim, we provide both public and private courses and workshops tailored to teaching executives, leaders, and teams, the technology trends that will impact their organizations and industries now and in the future. For a detailed look at our Executive Education offerings, you can visit here.

Consulting: Our team of experienced international consultants work to guide organizations from their current state to their ideal future state. By working with leaders to identify and develop Guideposts, we are able to create a roadmap for organizations to follow into the future. For a look at our areas of consulting please visit here.

Engineering: The engineering arm of FPOV has the knowledge and experience to tackle the toughest projects. We work hands on with organizations in the areas of blueprinting, enterprise architecture, program and project management and oversight, vendor assistance/RFP creation, software design and development and co-creation, project assessment and rescues, and cybersecurity. To download our Engineering catalog please click here.

Why We’re Different

We pride ourselves on being more than consultants, engineers, and educators. We’re partners. We are wholly invested in our clients’ future, and love nothing more than seeing hard work come to fruition. It is our mission to provide one-of-a-kind service and advice to each organization that we work with. We are filled with a unique blend of people who possess diverse backgrounds and have come together for the purpose of improving the organizations we work with. For us, technology is not just about improving the bottom line. It’s a tool that we hope leaders will use to be a blessing on this world and to leave a positive legacy behind.

We are tool agnostic, which means we are not selling a specific vendor to clients. We work with a wide range of the most recognizable technology vendors. Our recominfo@fpov.com


Mailing Address:

5904 Lakewood Ridge Rd.
Edmond, OK 73013
Phone: (405) 359-3910

Physical Address:

5904 Lakewood # 100
Edmond, OK 73013


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