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Federico Fioretto

Effective Leadership is to motivate your team to join in the pursuit of you vision, while Strategic Sustainability is the driver of the disrupting innovation that can bring durable success to your business.

My mission is to inspire a new generation of daring leaders who want to help unleash the human potential of their people, taking their organizations to break through into the gold mine of Sustainability.

If you are a leader who wants to project his/her organization into the future, adding value to society as a whole, fostering the development of your people, stimulating creativity and innovation, IT’S DUE TIME WE MEET.

How do we provide our services?

– By becoming a sort of “temporary partner” of your organization. We don’t have lessons to teach you about running your business. We work alongside you and your people using the methodologies of Action-Research to improve your processes, so that they serve better in the pursuit of your objectives. In this way the transformation of your organization will become deeply embedded in the company’s culture and be truly “yours” forever.

How do we begin a collaboration?

– The Leading Indicators Quick Check is a simple yet effective tool to understand at what point your organization stands in the road to excellence. Then we can develop together your own organizational development plan.

– The Strategic Sustainability Assessment is specifically aimed at understanding if and how Sustainability is implemented in every process of your organization. From there, we can develop together your own plan to become a Strategically Sustainable Company, and begin to reap the fruits.

Federico Fioretto

Tenuta Il Piano
29010 Gazzola (PC)
Phone: +39 345 46 69 446


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