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Let’s Talk about Fog, Mist and Clouds

What sounds like the latest weather report, well-matching to our cold and wet November days, is actually just a small glance on a huge jungle of new and confusing technology acronyms. What is today subsumed under the term “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” has led to an amazing amount of new language elements and word-creations.

What to Expect from Smart Machines and Smart Factories?

Whitepaper: Packaging 4.0
A recent PWC survey has shown that industry has rather high expectations when looking into the migration to Smart Industry or Industry 4.0. Besides increasing the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by more than 20% and reducing total costs (TCO) to the same extent, 61% of the survey participants plan to actively collect and analyze their own ‘Big Data’.

Nano Cars: Toys for Nano Boys?

Nano Cars: Toys for Nano Boys?

The 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to “The Design and Synthesis of Molecular Machines”. While media are mainly focusing on announcing spectacular new car-races, this new technology might take chemistry to a new dimension.

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