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Quick Guide to Digital Tech – The Internet of Things

The second article in Grimur Fjeldsted’s series “Quick Guide to Digital Tech” – this time about the Internet of Things (IoT). In this series, he aims to give a quick and simple overview of a technology and term with examples readers will be able to relate to. In the end, he comments on the current state of the technology as well as provide an outlook of what a near and far future might bring.

Quick Guide to Digital Tech – Artificial Intelligence

This is the first article in a series “quick guide to digital tech”, where Grimur will cover some of the most discussed topics in digital technology. With the series he aims to give a simple understandable overview, with examples most readers can relate to or have heard of. In the end, he will give a short comment on where he think the technology is today and where he see it heading in a near and far future.

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