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Meet our Partners

Our partners are among the most exciting innovation leaders from the industrial, scientific and political community. We are all joining forces for actively shaping the future of Smart Industry or Industry 4.0.

Our complementary network is open for many different forms of participation. Depending on the activity level and the character of the partner-organization we are differentiating between:

  • Hosting Partners
  • Network Partners
  • Supportive Open Standards and Organizations
  • Supporters

Our partners contribute to content and financing of Smart Industry Forum, but our publishing team is fully independent. This helps us to keep formal scientific reports clearly separated from informal news clips, whitepapers, book reviews and specific product-placements.

Network Partners 2018

Sticking to the airline metaphor, our Network Partners are the “Silver Card Holders”, who are occasionally contributing to Smart Industry Forum’s activities. Click on the logos to meet our partners.

There's nothing to show yet.

Supporters 2018

This partner category includes all the innovative companies, who are  enthusiastically but “passively” supporting Smart Industry Forum’s mission.

Ethernet Powerlink

Summit 2018

Join Us in Copenhagen June 7-8, 2018

Hosting Partners 2018

B&R Automation
Transform XO

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