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Innovation Radar

Air-traffic without radar would be very dangerous. The same is true for business.

Smart Industry Forum is providing its registered members with a powerful “Innovation Radar” for retrieving short-, mid- and long-term information about technologies, emerging standards, tools, processes and people – in general or from the perspective of a specific industry.

Looking from Today into the Long-Term Future

Not all innovations highlighted by Smart Industry Forum’s news services are available right away. “Innovation Radar” allows you to adjust your view from low-beam to high-beam, elegantly reaching from today into the mid- and long-term future.

Select Your Area of Interest

No matter if you are scouting for general inspiration or for specific information about e.g. technologies, industry-standards, processes, tools or the people-factor – “Innovation Radar” allows you to select your specific area of interest.

Focus on Specific Industries

“Innovation Radar’s” information retrieval allows you to focus your view on specific industries, such as Food & Beverage, Packaging, Marine, Automotive, Robotics and about 20 more to go.

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