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Why We Do It

We are currently encountering an unprecedented changeover of our entire human society. This changeover is now commonly called The 4th Industrial Revolution.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is mainly based on digital transformation and on exciting innovations in material technology and bio-science. All this comes together with a rapid globalization of our economy and society and will force us to re-think almost everything – our personal life, our education system, our way of working as well as our entire social and political setup.

Approaching the Inflection Point

Some industries have already been heavily hit by the digital transformation. Music, photography, video, newspapers, mail-ordering, bookstores and printing are just some examples and the hotel business, taxi service and banking are next to be shattered. Manufacturing industry is waiting in the queue and is getting close.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

For manufacturing companies, this introduces big risks but also big opportunities. Leadership that understands what is going on will make the difference. This is why Smart Industry Forum has the mission to inspire, inform and assist decision makers in the manufacturing industry during this upcoming migration-journey.

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