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What We Do

The manufacturing-related part of this transformation is referred to as Smart Industry or Industry 4.0. It is vital to understand, what this is all about.

Sorting the Acronym-Jungle

The discussions during the recent years were coined by a wild acronym-jungle about the 4th Industrial Revolution, Digital Transformation IoT, IIoT, Smart Industry, Industry 4.0, Smart Factory and Cyber-Physical Systems. Smart Industry Forum – together with universities and other non-profit organizations – is aiming to contribute to stable definitions and easy to understand terminology.

Keeping the Finger on the Pulse

Smart Industry Forum provides you with up-to-date information about emerging reference architecture models, exciting ideas, innovations and the ongoing standardization out there in the world. We are aiming to act as simultaneous translators, translating the very technical content of important discussions into leadership-relevant language.

Creating a Best Practice Network

In order to benefit from the upcoming changes, manufacturing companies will need to re-think historic business paradigms. We will need to align people, processes and technologies in a totally new way. Smart Industry Forum’s network is a powerful community for sharing experiences and for learning from best practice examples. Across this network, Smart Industry Forum has the passion to promote the emerging open standards and to share experience from their practical deployment throughout the manufacturing industry.

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