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How We Do It

Smart Industry Forum believes in the power of networking. Our leading-edge summits, our news service and our “Innovation Radar” are keeping you on top of the latest trends and developments.

The Smart Industry Forum Network

Smart Industry Forum is an informal, non-profit network supported by individuals and complementary partners from the industrial, scientific and political community. We are joining forces for learning from each other, creating quick-wins and securing future competitive advantages and profitability.

Events and Summits

Besides participating in various interesting events, Smart Industry Forum is actively hosting an annual summit as the major source of inspiration and information.

News Service, Reports, White Papers and Book Reviews

Between these annual summits, Smart Industry Forum provides a powerful news service (in form of a periodic newsletter). We are actively observing interesting reports and publications. For the practical implementation of new technologies, processes and tools, the Smart Industry Forum website also contains a dedicated section for accessing helpful white papers.

Innovation Radar

Air-traffic without radar would be very dangerous. The same is true for business. Smart Industry Forum is providing you with a powerful “Innovation Radar” for retrieving short-, mid- and long-term information about technologies, emerging standards, tools, processes and people – in general or from the specific perspective of different industries. Central communication platform for all this is the Smart Industry Forum website with a free-of-charge membership area for individuals and non-profit organizations. Commercial companies are carefully selected and invited to join the partner network, based on annual fees for different activity levels.

Summit 2018

Join Us in Copenhagen June 7-8, 2018

Hosting Partners 2018

B&R Industrial Automation

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