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About us

In the future, new mindsets will dominate, new business opportunities will arise and so will the necessity to be able to navigate in the technology landscape in order to avoid the critical inflection point.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is triggered by technology, but what it will actually change are our business models, our organisations and the way we work and live.

This disruptive pressure needs to be brought to the attention of business owners and decision makers within the manufacturing industry, and therefore, Smart Industry Forum exists. Thus;

The purpose of Smart Industry Forum is to inspire, inform and assist decision makers in the manufacturing industry along the challenging Smart Industry migration journey in an increasingly globalised world.

Smart Industry Forum believes in;

Acknowledging the burning platform caused by globalisation, digital transformation and the 4th industrial revolution
The 4th industrial revolution is mainly based on digital transformation, automation and on new innovations. Combined with the continuing and rapid globalization of our society and economies, we will have to reconsider everything about life as we know it.

Acting on change
Digital transformation has already hit some industries hard. This disruption will not only impact the way we listen to music, travel or do our banking – it will also change manufacturing, and we need to act on this before it is too late.

Embracing challenges and seeing new opportunities
Digital transformation presents great risk for manufacturing companies but even greater opportunities.
Smart Industry or Industry 4.0 is the future, and Smart Industry Forum exists to inform and inspire businesses to see the need for and the potential within digitization, (I)IoT, smart manufacturing, machine automation etc.

Being updated on the latest news and trends
Operation is important but development is essential, and therefore, constantly staying updated on trends and industry development is a main focus for us. Smart Industry Forum provides the latest news and knowledge on ideas, tendencies and innovations.

The power of the network
The digitisation journey will be tough for lone wolves. In Smart Industry Forum, we believe in sharing experiences, providing knowledge on trends and learning from best practice examples. Furthermore, we are passionate about open standards.

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